Spring is a time of renewal, and with that comes the opportunity for a fresh start with a good old fashioned spring cleaning! When you think of spring cleaning, most people think of it for their homes. However, it’s also a great idea and just as important to spring clean your business as well! A cluttered desk impacts productivity, unclean work environments risk diseases and health hazards, messy floors could result in falls and injuries, and an unclean environment can turn off customers and cost you business. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and ideas to help spring clean your business!


8 Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Your Business


1. Get rid of excess inventory

clearance sale clean out old inventory spring cleaning for your business

What products have been sitting on the shelf for awhile or have spaced endlessly away? Continuing to keep these items on hand does nothing but take up space that could be better put to use and costs you money. The longer you have old inventory, the more it costs you. Hold a sale to spring clean your inventory and get rid of old items! Other ways to dispose of these items could be by donating them, using them in giveaways, or bundling them with new items or as a single unit for sale.


2. Freshen up your environment

freshen up your business spring cleaning business paint walls new color

Consider taking it a step further beyond just cleaning with a change of scenery! Maybe refresh your colors with a fresh new coat of paint to give all rooms and areas new appeal. Toss out tired office plants, patch up dings in walls, update an area rug, put up some new artwork on the walls, or add some fresh new flowers and plants to really begin feeling the Spring vibe!


3. Get your employees involved and make it a party!

man and woman laughing having fun while spring cleaning business

Make the spring cleaning process fun and get everybody involved! This will not only help get the job done faster, but will help make the entire process seem not like such a chore. One way you could make it more fun is by making it into a spring cleaning party with food and drinks. Another idea could be to hide gift cards or other incentives and prizes around the office for employees to find while helping clean.


4. Organize your digital and physical work space

Organize desk and digital files on office computer spring cleaning office business

Organization is a big part of spring cleaning, especially in an office or work environment. Go through your desk, all your files and drawers and organize all of your materials and papers. Not only just organize your physical environment though, but also your digital one! Go through your computer files and emails, delete everything you don’t need anymore and clean it all out. You can even consider going paperless by creating digital copies of all your papers and files to space on your computer or upload to the cloud! This can help take things a step further in cleaning out and organizing your desk and physical work space.


5. Clear out the clutter

declutter remove clutter and organize office space spring cleaning office business

Decluttering will not only help clear your mind and tidy things up, but will also help allow you to focus your energy on what really matters in your business. Clutter causes distraction, gives us negative attitudes, wastes valuable time and decreases productivity, and can actually be detrimental in a business. Help give yourself and everyone else a positive attitude and fresh, clear mindset by getting rid of all the junk that’s collected over time.


6. Re purpose things

repurpose things spring cleaning for your business idea

There may be some things you have lying around or you’ve considered tossing out that could actually be repurposed and put to better use! Instead of tossing out old pieces of furniture and spending money on new ones, fix them up and transform them into something new. Get crafty with old office supplies and materials to create some new decor or useful objects. There are literally TONS of fun and creative ways to repurpose all types of items you may have lying around! A quick search on Google will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration.


7. Spruce up your curb appeal to attract new customers

spring cleaning outside of business space front curb appeal

Don’t overlook the value of your curb appeal; the outside of your business is just as important as the inside when it comes to cleaning and how it looks! The outside of your business is what creates the first impression customers and by passers have about you, so make sure it’s a good one! Clean all windows and walkways, update your landscaping or add some greenery with plants or colorful flowers, put a friendly welcome mat out, and update old signs and window displays.


8. Hire some help

hire professional commercial cleaning services cleaning company for spring cleaning business

If you’re truly committed to a thorough, in depth spring cleaning, you may want to consider calling in an expert to help out and ensure nothing is overlooked. Not only just with spring cleaning, but when thinking about thoroughly cleaning your business in general, it can be overwhelming when you think about everything there is to be done and how much there actually is that needs to get done. You may not know where to start or how to effectively accomplish certain tasks. Heck, you may not even have the time either to conduct a full out spring cleaning of your business, yet know it’s really needed and could work wonders! In the business world, it’s never a bad idea to call in a third party to help you identify, prioritize, and get the job done right.


If you’d like help with spring cleaning your business, give us a call! Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Company specializes in commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses, and we’d be happy to help you out! Simply contact us for details and to get a free quote.