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We use modern disinfectant foggers that penetrate and sanitize every pore of every surface in the room. Effective against Covid-19 and 99.9% of known bacteria and viruses.

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Professional Disinfection Services prevent and eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold. 

We never cut corners or let things slide on any job, but our disinfection service is possibly the most important service we provide. That’s why every disinfection is handled directly by our founder, Libby, who holds herself to an even higher standard.
When you need to be as absolutely certain your space is safe to reoccupy, call us for a deep cleaning and disinfection.

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Commercial properties, medical buildings, churches, salons and high-traffic businesses should evaluate whether daily treatments are an appropriate disinfection strategy.

Weekly (Most Popular)

If your office gets a moderate amount of low-impact public traffic, weekly disinfection to remove lingering bacteria and viruses may be sufficient.


Monthly treatment of bathrooms and common spaces can break the retransmission cycles of C. Dificil and other stubborn pathogens.

What does a Total Disinfection Service look like? 

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Sparkle and Shine’s disinfection process includes a thorough Deep Clean and Fogging to sanitize, disinfect and eliminate odors.
The sanitation fogging process uses several different types of sprayers to create a mist that covers all surfaces. We adhere to and follow strict CDC guidelines by wearing (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and only use a commercial /medical grade EPA-registered disinfectants to prevent and eliminate 99.9% of existing viruses, bacteria and mold. These services are widely used in high touch and high traffic areas such as; Office space, restrooms, lobby areas, elevators, employee breakrooms, water fountains, air vents, public entrances to buildings and more. Request your free quote today! 

Free Consultation: Do You Need a Total Disinfection Service?

With public fear and anxiety high, many people are taking advantage by hard-selling professional disinfection services to everyone they can. But they’re not appropriate or necessary for every situation and cannot prevent pathogens from reentering your property between treatments.

We will only recommend professional disinfection treatment if we believe it will help keep you and your customers safe.

Contact Sparkle and Shine any time for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

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