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When summer ends and fall begins, it always means one thing: Back to School! As kids and parents and teachers all return to the classroom in parts of South Carolina, cleanliness is more important than ever. Now is the time to make sure that your faculty, staff, and administration feel safe and supported in a healthy environment. The best way to do that is through regular deep cleaning services and proper disinfection fogging from Sparkle and Shine, your local Midlands cleaning professionals.

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Keep Your School Safe for Kids, Teachers, and Everyone Else

If you’re concerned about COVID-19 spreading at your school or other academic institution, you’re not alone. You’re also right to be on the lookout for ways to prevent the spread of illness to kids, teachers, staff, and the administrators like yourself.

School & Dorm Cleaning Packages

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A fraternity or sorority may house dozens of people and see hundreds more pass through every day. Without daily cleaning and maintenance, even a well-run house will inevitably fall apart.

Weekly (Most Popular)

Weekly deep cleaning of your classrooms, facilities, and grounds may be all you need to maintain a healthy educational environment. Contact us to develop a cleaning plan.


Even the smallest charter schools and daycares benefit from a thorough, monthly cleaning. Our team can deep clean and sanitize your school once a month to prevent build-up.

Deep Cleaning to Give Parents Peace of Mind

School admins in South Carolina are all worried about:

  • Students and teachers getting sick
  • Having to quarantine or modify the school day due to the virus
  • Wondering if they’re doing enough to protect their staff
  • And other concerns related to the global health situation…

The truth is that every school needs to be deep cleaned and disinfected properly, safely, and effectively. At Sparkle and Shine, this is our speciality. We make sure your school is at its best for each and every student and teacher.

Our Owner Personally Inspects Every School

If their school is not clean, then students will not learn as well. Of course, teachers and faculty are way too busy doing the important work of education to keep it all spotless on their own. At Sparkle and Shine, we take care of all the deep cleaning and disinfecting duties, so everyone can teach and learn at their best.

At Sparkle and Shine, we can ensure that:

  • Your school is deep cleaned properly from start to finish
  • Every classroom and hallway is disinfected and ready for learning
  • All students have the cleanest environment in which to study and grow
  • The janitorial team at your school knows how to do things correctly, too

Libby, the owner of Sparkle and Shine, personally inspects every single school to make sure that it meets her own very high standard. You can rest assured that Libby is on the case, making sure that you and your students and faculty have a safe and clean learning environment right here in South Carolina.

School Janitorial Services in Columbia SC

Cleaner Schools Help Kids Learn

It’s a fact that kids learn better when their classrooms and other school environments are clean. As they improve, so do their peers, and this in turn makes the school look even better as well.

Make sure that your students have:

  • Deep cleaned classrooms in which to learn
  • Disinfected surfaces to decrease the risk of illness
  • The best chance to attend class without spreading COVID-19

Our school deep cleaning and disinfecting teams in Columbia, Blythewood, and The Midlands of South Carolina go above and beyond to be sure that your school is cleaned at the highest industry standard. When your school is clean, everybody benefits, from the students, to the teachers and parents, and even the community.

Get in touch with us today to find out if school deep cleaning services from Sparkle and Shine are right for you and your academic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?

The answer is that it depends on the surface and the environment. One study found that it can last days on some surfaces. They found that plastic and stainless steel can preserve the virus for up to at least 72 hours.

How often should we get our school disinfected?

Please see this webpage for the answer to this question from the CDC.

What can school staff do to protect themselves and others from getting sick with COVID-19?

Teachers, administration, and other staff members can protect themselves each day by properly washing their hands regularly, carefully covering their coughs and sneezes, maintaining 6 feet of social distance, and more. See the full list from the CDC.

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