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With a new school year comes the return of students, professors, and administrators to universities and colleges all over South Carolina. Once the students move into their dorms, fraternity houses, and sorority houses, it seems like mere minutes before they’re dirty again! Not only that, but kids learn better and find it easier to focus and grow in a clean environment. That’s why we offer regular dormitory and Greek house cleaning services, janitorial support, and proper disinfection fogging from Sparkle and Shine, your local Midlands cleaning professionals.

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Keep Your Dorms Clean So Students Can Learn

If you’re concerned about the novel coronavirus spreading through your dorms, fraternities, or sororities, you are most certainly not alone. On top of that, students tend to excel in cleaner environments, such as their housing.

School & Dorm Cleaning Packages

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A fraternity or sorority may house dozens of people and see hundreds more pass through every day. Without daily cleaning and maintenance, even a well-run house will inevitably fall apart.

Weekly (Most Popular)

Weekly deep cleaning of your classrooms, facilities, and grounds may be all you need to maintain a healthy educational environment. Contact us to develop a cleaning plan.


Even the smallest charter schools and daycares benefit from a thorough, monthly cleaning. Our team can deep clean and sanitize your school once a month to prevent build-up.

Cleaning for Teachers and Students

Universities and colleges in South Carolina are concerned about:

  • Students getting sick while in their dorms or Greek housing
  • Not having a properly clean environment for their students
  • Providing the safest possible dorms and other living situations
  • Giving their students the best chance to learn

It’s a fact that all university and college housing areas need to be maintained and cleaned in a safe and effective manner on a regular basis.

At Sparkle and Shine, this is one of our specialities. We clean everything, pick up after your students, and get your institution’s housing areas polished. This way, your students can mature and grow each and every single day.

Our Owner Checks All University Housing for Cleanliness

University students have a history of making big messes wherever they go. As dirty as college kids can be, it makes sense to worry that the cleanliness won’t last.

At Sparkle and Shine, we make sure that:

  • Your dorms are cleaned thoroughly every time
  • Every dorm, fraternity, and sorority is scrubbed and ready for students
  • Your university students always have a clean space to live and study

Libby, the owner of Sparkle and Shine, personally inspects all college housing areas to ensure that it meets her own incredibly high standard of cleanliness and polish. You can rest assured that Libby takes her work very seriously, and that your students have the cleanest university housing in all of South Carolina.

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Dorm Cleaning Services Actually Help Students Grow

Not only do clean living environments make students feel better on a daily basis, they also help them to improve in their studies. Over time, this can make the institution itself look better as well.

Make sure that your students have:

  • Clean housing in which to live and study each day
  • Dorms that make them feel clean and safe
  • All the tools for success, starting with a clean fraternity or sorority

Our dorm and fraternity cleaning services teams in Columbia, Blythewood, and The Midlands of South Carolina go above and beyond to be sure that your university housing buildings are cleaned and polished at the highest possible standard.

When your dorms and Greek houses are clean, everybody stands to grow and benefit.

Get in touch with us today to find out if university housing cleaning services from Sparkle and Shine are right for you and your academic housing environment.


Clean entrance doors


Dust furniture, picture frames, window sills, and other surfaces

Spot Cleaning

Spot clean walls, light switches, chairs, doors, and carpet (as needed)


Properly position and place all furniture

Trash Removal

Empty all receptacles and replace liners


Vacuum and damp mop hard surfaces and resilient floors


Vacuum all carpeted areas and upholstery


From trash and clean counters to floors and everything in between


Sanitize all fixtures and clean every square inch for sparkling results

Ask Our School Cleaning Team Anything

Every school, dorm, and fraternity house is unique. Do you need to talk to someone in person to be sure we’re right for you? Contact Sparkle and Shine any time for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a fully-licensed janitorial service cleaning company.

Do you bring all the necessary supplies?

Yes, absolutely. We bring all the necessary supplies to clean your university housing areas and buildings. We can even provide green cleaning supplies upon request, though they don’t always have the same benefits in our professional experience.

Is there anything we should have our students do before you arrive?

Nothing at all. We don’t want to intrude on your students’ lives or academic progress. Our ninja cleaning crews know exactly how to get the job done effectively and quietly, so your students can just live their lives.

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