Churches & Funeral Homes

Few places offer the kind of support provided by the churches, houses of worship, and funeral homes of South Carolina. Whether these valuable spaces are used for worship services, marriages or funerals, or anything else, it’s so important to keep them clean and safe for all. That’s why we offer extraordinary church and funeral home cleaning services, janitorial support, and proper disinfection fogging from Sparkle and Shine, your local Midlands cleaning professionals.

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Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

People are constantly coming and going in houses of worship across the Midlands. With these sorts of high traffic areas, it’s imperative that the church areas be clean and disinfected for the congregation. The same is true for funeral homes as well.

Church and Funeral Home Cleaning Services

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Depending on the size or scale of your institution, you may need a dedicated cleaning team to put it all right at the end of the day.

Weekly (Most Popular)

A regular, top-down cleaning ensures your church properties are bright, fresh, and ready for service.


Keep your sanctuary clean and inviting with a thorough monthly cleaning from Sparkle & Shine.

One Time or Reoccurring Cleanings for Your Public Space

Churches and funeral homes in South Carolina care about:

  • Keeping their spaces clean to welcome all people
  • Disinfecting high traffic areas to prevent spreading germs
  • Providing the cleanest possible environments for congregations and mourners
  • Giving bereaved people a clean and safe space to mourn

At Sparkle and Shine, we know the importance of both worshiping and bereavement. We clean every surface, pick up after everyone, and get your public areas polished and ready for anyone that comes in the door.

Our Owner Personally Oversees All Church and Funeral Home Cleaning Services

You want to keep your sacred spaces clean, but you also want to hire someone that you can trust to do it the right way, and to respect your institution.

At Sparkle and Shine, we go above and beyond to ensure that:

  • Your church areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Every public area at your funeral home is polished and ready
  • Any congregant or patron has the same spotless experience
modern building corridor

Libby, the owner of Sparkle and Shine, personally oversees every funeral home and church cleaning service by inspecting each location.

This way, she can ensure that the work meets her own incredibly high standard of cleanliness and expertise. You can rest assured that Libby takes her work very seriously, and that your congregation will have truly immaculate worship and bereavement spaces.

Everyone Benefits from a Clean Worship Space

Clean houses of worship and funeral homes make congregants and patrons feel better about their experience. This can go a very long way toward making them feel cared for, taken care of, and special.

Make sure that your patrons and congregation have:

  • Clean rooms in which to worship or mourn
  • Organized and polished areas to make them feel safe
  • A sense of wellbeing that can only happen in a clean environment

Our church and funeral home cleaning services teams in Columbia, Blythewood, and The Midlands of South Carolina go above and beyond to be sure that your sacred spaces and houses of worship are cleaned and polished at the highest possible standard, each and every time.


Clean entrance doors


Dust furniture, picture frames, window sills, and other surfaces

Spot Cleaning

Spot clean walls, light switches, chairs, doors, and carpet (as needed)


Properly position and place all furniture

Trash Removal

Empty all receptacles and replace liners


Vacuum and damp mop hard surfaces and resilient floors


Vacuum all carpeted areas and upholstery


From trash and clean counters to floors and everything in between


Sanitize all fixtures and clean every square inch for sparkling results

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