Cleanliness is always good for business

There is no doubt that your customers want to conduct business in a clean environment. That couldn’t be any more true than it is right now as businesses reopen and get back to work. All companies are facing a challenge and one of the foremost things on the minds of leaders is how to do business safely.

Keeping your space clean will be critically important for the foreseeable future. Not only for your customers but also for the health of you and your employees.

You plan and forecast for your business. It’s important to have a plan to keep your office clean. Like sales and marketing, a cleaning strategy can have a direct impact on all aspects of your company.

Let’s face it. You don’t like cleaning. It’s a difficult job that leaves you dirty and exhausted. Scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, and wiping down surfaces are not the most exciting aspects of your job.

You don’t want to do it and neither do your employees. And honestly, there may be a few corners cut so the cleaning is finished quicker.

But you know how important it is. Your customers want to visit a clean space. Your employees want to work in a well-kept business. And you want the pride of knowing people feel comfortable when they walk into your building.

That is more important now than ever. Customers have prioritized the cleanliness of a business above nearly every other factor in making a purchase.

When a client comes through your door, they’re looking around your space, taking it in, and making decisions on what kind of business you operate.

You have 10 seconds to make a first impression

When a client comes through your door, you have less than 10 seconds to make a good impression on them. They’re looking around your space, taking it in, and making decisions on what kind of business you operate. If there’s dust on a countertop, or your floors are dirty, you can be sure they have noticed. It will most certainly impact their purchasing decision.

In the times we live in, health, safety, and cleanliness have moved to the top of the list for customers venturing out to shop in brick and mortar locations. A recent poll by Ipsos reported 67% of those surveyed prioritized health and safety protocols when considering shopping in a retail space.

Before price or product, nearly a third of consumers assess the safety of a business. This includes keeping shelves, products, and other areas clean to prevent the spread of illness. All organizations need to address this enormous shift in consumer mindset.

Protecting your products and your customers

If you have products on your shelves or a showroom floor, you want customers to interact with them. If they can tell it’s dirty or collecting dust, they are most likely not going to buy from you. Consumers want to feel comfortable getting their hands on something, especially now. Clean merchandise is appealing to your customers.

For businesses that have high volumes of traffic, regular and thorough cleaning is very important.

Cleaning is best when done by the pros

The task of keeping your business clean is not an easy one. If you’re using your employees to do the job, it takes them away from opportunities to speak with customers and close sales.

The CDC provides guidance on how to properly clean your facility. This is a great resource, but for someone who is not trained, it’s a tough job. From your bathrooms to your breakrooms, each space needs to be addressed properly. To keep performance at a peak level, your employees should not worry about whether the environment in which they work is healthy or not. Your customers will also notice how you maintain your building. Particularly now, this can be the difference between making a sale and seeing a customer walk out the door.

And the truth is, if your employees are not pro cleaners, they will likely miss some spots. Using the team at Sparkle and Shine will provide you with cleaners who know how to get the worst dirt and grime out of your office. It takes discipline and a set of strict standards to keep frequently used spaces clean. That’s our specialty.

If you are looking for a deep clean, we’ve got you covered. Sparkle and Shine offers disinfection services that eliminate COVID-19 and 99.9% of all other bacterias and viruses.

Customers can be won or lost on how you maintain your business.

More than 90% of customers value cleanliness

There is a price to pay for keeping your business clean. It can be found in the repeat business you receive from customers. 92% of respondents in a P&G survey stated that cleanliness is the number one factor in determining if they return to a business. Customers can be won or lost on how you maintain your business.

Keeping your operation clean can have a huge impact on your bottom line. It can be the difference in great word of mouth marketing or the worst kind. Bringing in the pros from Sparkle and Shine can keep your office in order and your customers coming back. For your existing and new customers, they will be making completely new judgments based on what they see when they visit you.

You don’t need to lose time to stay clean

You have spent a lot of time managing and building your business. It has taken a tremendous amount of work to develop a great reputation. When it comes to keeping your office clean, you can’t afford to trust just anyone to do the job. You need to have confidence that it’s taken care of to the highest standard.

Our professional cleaners operate in the background so the cleaning will not disrupt your workflow or interaction with customers. Twice per month, our owner inspects each job site. You can have peace of mind that your business is clean and ready for customers.

Staying clean = happy customers

Keeping your business clean pays off in so many ways. By bringing in a professional cleaner, you can give yourself and your employees peace of mind that your business is safe. Customers will want to spend money and do repeat business with you if they feel comfortable. As we navigate a COVID-19 world, it will be important to maintain a high level of health and safety to ensure your business stays open.

Even in the best of times, consumers want to feel at ease when spending their money. Now, they must feel secure that they are making a wise decision. Providing an atmosphere that is clean will help alleviate any worries. For certain purchases, customers may spend a long time thinking about their decision. The last thing they need to have on their mind is if the business they are working with is clean and safe.

Making the choice to clean is an investment. It’s one that pays in the best of times, but now the numbers demonstrate it’s value. 24% of consumers are willing to pay 10% more in price at businesses who are making sure their space is safe and healthy. Cleaning is an excellent investment in your company because it has a return that will positively impact the work you do.

Cleanliness is an important strategy

Given the current environment we face, having a clean and safe business will be critically important for the foreseeable future. Customers now immediately look for the steps a business takes to ensure the facility is being regularly cleaned.

Like most businesses and offices, you’ve had to adapt. You have been hit with many decisions and choices. Cleaning has no doubt been one of them. While this may be one more thing on your plate, it can become an asset to your business.

You can help build trust and make your customers feel protected. The Sparkle and Shine team works with a variety of businesses and office spaces. Our professional cleaners know exactly how to keep your location spotless.

Your organization’s future may well depend on the cleanliness of your space. It can determine how willing customers are to walk in the door and buy from you. Employees will interact with your clients based on how comfortable they feel.

If you require a deep disinfectant, our owner manages these jobs herself. We take pride in keeping your business clean so customers have the best experience possible. Anything less than completely clean is a disservice to your business and customers.

Give us a call at (803) 315-7932, or fill out the form below to request a quote. We’ll visit your business or office and provide a free consultation. It’s our goal to make your business company spotless. We can work with you to determine your needs and frequency of cleaning. Let us be a partner and help your business shine.

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