It’s that time of year again, Summer break! School is out and kids all get to enjoy a well deserved break over the next couple months. However, just because the kids get a break, doesn’t mean that the school is closed down for the season as well. For custodians and school cleaning staff, Summer break is actually quite the opposite – these couple of summer months are some of the most productive and busy times for them!

So what can you do and how can you work with your janitorial staff to make the most of this summer getting your school cleaned? Here are 5 school cleaning tips for the summer break that’ll have your school sparkling clean and ready to go for everyone returning on the first day of school this fall!


Cleaning lady shows a list of completed tasks on blurred background. Summer school cleaning tips tip number 1 plan it out write out create cleaning checklists

1. Put it in Writing and Map it Out!

Plan, plan, and plan. You can’t go wrong with having a plan and being on the same page with a clear idea of everything with your school cleaning staff! Sit down with your janitorial staff and write out a plan for tackling all school cleaning tasks and projects to be done over the summer. Checklists will be a lifesaver in the planning process when going over and outlining all school cleaning needs.

Don’t just write out a plan and a few checklists though, be sure to actually map it out as well! How many rooms are in the school? How many classrooms, bathrooms, and larger rooms are there? What’s the square footage for all rooms? Know your school and all areas, and then use this information to map out your plan and create individual checklists for each room and area within the school.



Yellow mop bucket and set of school cleaning equipment

2. Fine Tune School Cleaning Equipment

Take a look in the custodial closet and evaluate all of your school’s cleaning equipment. Clean, service, repair, and replace all cleaning equipment as needed to ensure everything is fine tuned and running at optimal levels. Not only are you going to need this equipment for school cleaning this summer, but you’ll need to make sure they’re good to go and last your cleaning staff throughout the upcoming new school year and hopefully, next summer break as well!



cleaning woman in apron with basket with detergents holding clock in front of face against blue background. Time is money! If cleaning is not in the business plan, you should call a cleaning service. Summer school cleaning tip #3 take your time don't try to do it all at once

3. Don’t Tackle it All at Once

Take a deep breath and relax! Don’t try to do it all at once. Look over everything that needs to be done in your school cleaning plans and checklists and then break it all down. Tackle the school in sections and parts – you can go grade by grade, wing by wing, floor by floor, or by room or area types. Take it one step at a time to ensure the job gets done right.



Classroom cleaning with a broom. School cleaning during summer break photo of classroom with chairs on desks and cleaning supplies

4. Get and Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Again, another example of why having a plan and checklists is so important. Use these to go over and help determine what all cleaning supplies you need to have on hand to get all school cleaning tasks and projects done. However, take note to not only make sure to get cleaning supplies needed, but to get the right cleaning supplies to get the job done right!



Worker clicks on the star. The concept of rating the cleaning. Professional school cleaning services evaluate school janitorial services. 5 star best school cleaning company.

5. Reevaluate Your Current School Cleaning Company

Think about this past school year and ask yourself, have you truly been satisfied with your current school cleaning company? Has the janitorial staff you hired met or exceeded your expectations in the school cleaning services they’ve been providing you? If not, then summer break is the best time to evaluate your current cleaning staff and reconsider your options. If your current school janitorial staff isn’t doing a good job at professionally maintaining the cleanliness in your school and their efforts haven’t done much to make your life and managing your school easier, it’s time to part ways.

If you’re in need of professional cleaners that can provide the top quality school cleaning services you’re looking for, contact us for more information and to get a free quote! We’ll come out to your school to meet with you for a free consultation and can ensure that when you choose Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Company for your school cleaning needs, we’ll always guarantee results that go above and beyond!