A messy office can create an unhealthy atmosphere in the workplace. It will also hamper productivity because the employees won’t be happy, according to an article on the Business Matters website.

A messy work environment can mean employees are routinely compromising on the quality of work. With this in mind, the expense of a professional cleaner can prove to be a worthwhile investment, the article said.

For instance, if the carpets are old and their colors have faded because of use and dirt, it could create a negative impression on prospective clients.

But the easiest way to improve productivity at work is keeping the employees happy by giving them a cleaner cubicle to work in. Installing drawers or keeping the dustbins and tables clean can be the first step.

A clean workplace — plus a pleasant, clean smell in the air and bright colors on the walls — can go far to improve the productivity. When employees walk into the office, they should feel a welcoming vibe.

Of course, a clean, productive workplace is more then getting rid of the messy piles of papers – it’s the germs that the mess may be hiding. According to the The Cleaning Services Group infographic, the average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to lack of workspace hygiene.