We’re all human and make mistakes sometimes. However, a mistake now and then is one thing, but when mistakes start to seem like more of a normal “routine”, it’s no longer okay. A mistake should be learned from, not repeated. Janitorial companies are hired to help make your life easier and provide you with the professional commercial cleaning services your business needs. However, some mistakes that most janitorial companies make can be costly and do the opposite of what you hired them to do. Here are some of the top most common mistakes many janitorial companies make for you to keep an eye out for and avoid.


Top Mistakes Janitorial Companies Make

Image of open door with keys in lock hanging down negligence of office building security janitorial companies leaving doors unlocked

1. Negligence of Your Property’s Safety

You go home for the night after a long day of work, leaving the keys in the hands of your cleaning staff to lock up when they’ve finished. The next morning you return, astonished to discover the building door left unlocked. Many janitorial companies unfortunately can’t be trusted when it comes to the safety of your business property and assets, as this type of negligence happens more often than you’d think. If your property is left unlocked, that puts all of your assets and everything inside at risk and exposed to potential intruders. Protect yourself and your business by ensuring you hire a janitorial company you can trust.


2. Premium Prices, Low Quality Results

Janitorial companies high prices costs too much photo of female janitor maid holding money in hand concerned expression look on face

They say “you get what you pay for”, however, this isn’t always true when it comes to most janitorial companies. In fact, many business owners end up overpaying for their janitorial services and not getting near what they should for the cost. There are 3 main factors that play into this, those being employees with little or no experience, wrong equipment and supplies being used, and of course, breach of contract.

The Employees

No one wants to get stuck in a situation where they’re paying premium prices for unskilled labor. However, due to the hiring of employees with little to no experience by most janitorial companies, this is often the case many business owners face. Many janitorial companies hire excellent sales reps and employ a lot of successful marketing strategies. However, when the sales and marketing results goes beyond what their employees can handle, they’re left trying to quickly hire and bring on new staff. Trying to hurry and find new employees to hire results in little to no training at all being employed, thus, resulting in an inexperienced staff that leaves you overpaying for the quality of service.

Using the Wrong Equipment and Supplies

It goes without saying, that obviously the right commercial cleaning equipment and supplies should be used by janitorial companies, but are not always. The consequences of this are obvious- potential damage to your property, longer hours needed to get things done, as well as the job simply not getting done right, all resulting in more money out of your pocket.

Breach of Contract

Many janitorial companies make promises the can’t, or just simply don’t keep. Make sure to read over your contract with them and bring it to their attention if at anytime you notice that not everything that was promised is getting done. If they fail to correct it or are constantly providing less than what they’re supposed to, it’s time to consider looking into other janitorial companies.


Janitorial companies lack in communication image of janitor maid cleaning lady with business lady

3. Lack of Communication

A lack in communication is not only unprofessional, but can have it’s consequences. Unfortunately, many janitorial companies don’t acquire the communication skills necessary to run everything to meet top standards. This gap in communication can result in the opposite of what has been asked or told to do being done. Not only that, but you hired them to make life easier, not harder, so you shouldn’t have to chase them down every time you need to discuss something with them.


Avoid these costly mistakes and hire a janitorial company you can trust! Contact us today for more information on our commercial cleaning and janitorial services. We can answer all your questions and help you get a free quote. Plus, take advantage of 10% OFF your first cleaning with us!