Maintaining cleanliness in your business is crucial to it’s success. In fact, 92% of customers say that how clean a business is matters most when deciding if they will become a repeat customer or not! However, when it comes to all of the other things you have to worry about and do as a business owner, janitorial and cleaning tasks more than likely aren’t at the top of your list. Just because you have other things you need to prioritize though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something in place to ensure cleanliness is maintained.

So what all does janitorial and cleaning maintenance entail? What things need to be included in cleaning services to ensure your business meets top cleanliness standards for customers and employees? Here’s a break down of everything that needs to be done on a consistent basis to maintain a clean business.


Janitorial and Cleaning Maintenance Needed for Businesses


Restroomscommercial janitorial and cleaning services image of hand scrubbing cleaning toilet business restroom cleaning

94% of people will avoid a business in the future if they encounter unclean restrooms during their visit. That being said, it’s obvious that maintaining cleanliness in your bathrooms is crucial to the success of your business and retaining customers! Here’s a breakdown of what all needs to be done on a consistent basis to ensure restroom cleanliness:

  1. Every square inch needs to be sparkling clean! This means sanitization and cleaning of all fixtures, surfaces, and areas of the restroom needs to be done.
  2. Floors need to be swept, mopped, and sanitized
  3. Toilets need to be cleaned inside and out
  4. All countertops, sinks, light switches, and surfaces need to be wiped down, sanitized, and cleaned
  5. Mirrors and all glass fixtures need to be windexed and cleaned
  6. Trash needs to be emptied daily and liners replaced
  7. Toilet paper, hand towels, and all other toiletries need to be replaced and kept stocked


Kitchen Areas and Breakrooms

  1. All counters, sinks, and surfaces need to be wiped down, cleaned and sanitized
  2. Microwaves, coffee makers, and all other appliances need to be kept wiped down and clean
  3. Refrigerators need to be cleaned out at least once a week with inside and outside of fridge wiped down as well
  4. Tables and chairs need to be cleaned and sanitized
  5. All dishes and utensils need to be cleaned
  6. Trash needs to emptied daily and liners replaced
  7. Paper towels, napkins, and all other paper products remained stocked



  1. Entrance doors need to be cleaned and glass windexed
  2. Entry rugs need to be vacuumed and any spills and/or stains cleaned and removed
  3. Windowsills, baseboards, and other flat surfaces dusted
  4. Floor swept, mopped, and/or vacuumed
  5. Clean all glass windows, doors, and window seals


General Areas & Office Spacesjanitorial and cleaning services for businesses image of hands cleaning tables in business

  1. Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors
  2. Dusting and cleaning of all furniture, picture frames, bookshelves, and other surfaces
  3. Spot cleaning of walls, light fixtures and switches, chairs, and doors as needed
  4. Wipe door handles, doors, and light switches
  5. Clean windows and windowsills
  6. Disinfect and wipe all desks, phones, file cabinets, computers, printers, and other office materials
  7. Clean all glass surfaces and mirrors
  8. Trash emptied and liners replaced
  9. Vacuum and clean stairs
  10. General pick up and straightening
  11. Lamp shades and light fixtures dusted and wiped down
  12. Ceiling fans dusted
  13. Spot check doors and walls for fingerprints and dust
  14. Disinfect all surfaces and items to prevent spread of germs
  15. Clear cobwebs from all corners, ceilings, and anywhere else present
  16. Vacuum air vents
  17. Tidy any/all materials and/or products (brochures, magazines, product/item display racks, etc.)
  18. Clean and polish all metal surfaces


Keep in mind, this is a list of general cleaning tasks that need to be kept up with, and is not specific to any particular type of business. In addition to general cleaning, each different type of business is going to have specific cleaning needs necessary for their environment. For example, a daycare is going to have some different janitorial and cleaning services needed than say a restaurant would need. As a business owner, outsourcing all cleaning work to a professional commercial cleaning business is generally in the best interest of ensuring everything is taken care of and maintained. A professional commercial cleaning staff like the one we have here at Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Company, can leave you rest assured that all general janitorial and cleaning services are taken care of, as well as all additional cleaning tasks specific to your business needs are handled on a consistent basis. Contact us today for more information on janitorial and cleaning services for your business and to get a quote!