Halloween is one of the funnest times of the year, and with it, comes the tradition of the Halloween office party! A time for everyone to sit back, relax, and have some fun together… these are the moments in the office we all love and that your employees remember. However, the leftover mess of a Halloween office party can bring some real Halloween horrors! To help you avoid any potential nightmares after and make cleanup easier, we’ve put together a few tips to help maximize the fun and minimize the mess.


Halloween Office Party Cleaning Tips

Make sure the office is clean BEFORE the Halloween party! You’ll thank us later for this one, but be sure that the work is done before to have the office and all areas completely clean. The aftermath of the Halloween party won’t be nearly as scary with a much smaller mess to tackle, making cleanup after the party much easier.

Prepare for the trash. On a daily basis, the trash cans in the office already find a way to fill themselves up pretty quickly. You add a Halloween office party into the mix, and you’re in for a messy nightmare! Make sure to have a box of large trash bags on hand, and/or extra trash bins than what you usually have in the office displayed and setup around the office for designated areas for everyone to dispose of the party garbage. Trust us, between all the paper plates and utensils, cups, napkins, candy wrappers, decorations, and everything in between… the extra trash bags and bins are a must have.

You’ll want to make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand that’s easy to access. With all of the food, drinks, and festivities going on, pills and messes are bound to happen at any Halloween office party. Some of these messy accidents will have scary consequences if left unattended until cleanup after the party. Such messes will require immediate attention to get cleaned up to avoid stains, damages, and further messes. Having supplies on hand and easily accessible will make cleaning up these messes quick and easy.

When it comes to decorating, try and take a “cleanup” friendly approach. There are tons of easy ways to still decorate the office completely without it turning into a disaster to clean after. A few examples:

      • Opt-out of using tons of confetti and glitter to avoid extreme carpet and floor messes
      • Use paper plates, cups, and utensils so the break room sink isn’t piled up with dishes after
      • Up your decor and eliminate messes by using decorative Halloween table cloths to avoid food, spills, and anything else getting on tables and counters


Reasons You Need Help Cleaning Up After the Halloween Office Party from Professional Office Cleaners 

When the party is over and everyone has gone home, you’ll quickly notice that the fun is over. However, everyone still has to come back to work the next day and the office can’t be left a mess when you all return in the morning. That being said, other than the obvious reason of not having to try and do it all yourself, a few reasons you may want to consider hiring office cleaning professionals to do it for you would be:

  1. You don’t have the time to do it yourself between work and all other things outside of the office you’ll need to leave and get home to.
  2. It’s too much for you to get done alone. Between cleaning up all the decorations, floors, counter-tops and surfaces, trash, and all other spills and messes in between… it’s a lot that’s going to need cleaning!
  3. Cleaning up after an office Halloween party can not only be difficult, but also has to be done correctly to be successful. Without the how to knowledge, time, or resources needed to get it done right, you’ll still end up with a dirty office.

Your answer? Let Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Company handle all the cleaning after your Halloween office party for you! That way you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party with everyone else, without having to worry about all of the work that’s going to be needed to clean after.

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Happy Halloween!