No one likes a messy office or workspace to try and conduct business from. Whether you have a professional commercial cleaning company to handle majority of all cleaning tasks or not, there are still little things throughout the office that are constantly getting dirty on a daily basis that a few office cleaning tips can definitely help out with!

Maybe your office only requires office cleaning services every so often to maintain overall exceptional cleanliness and doesn’t need daily, or as frequent cleaning services as another business may. However, this doesn’t mean that the other smaller things that tend to easily get dirty much faster than everything else between your scheduled commercial cleaning services staff comes in has to stay dirty until they arrive next time. You also don’t have to stress over putting in a ton of time yourself to maintain cleanliness of all smaller aspects around your office between commercial cleaning services.

What types of things are we talking about? Dirty break room microwaves, dusty computer monitors, coffee mug stains left on your desk, and everything else in between. These things are not only annoying to have to try to consistently clean, but can be real time wasters if you don’t know of any office cleaning tips for a quick, easy solution to knock them out when needed. This is why we’ve put together this list of 8 office cleaning tips and hacks to help you quickly and easily tackle these things!


Office Cleaning Tips and Hacks

office cleaning tips cleaning hack #1 dirty office microwave

#1) Dirty Office Microwave Cleaning Hack

First on our list of office cleaning tips tackles something we all know and can relate to the constant struggle with… the office microwave. However, cleaning it up doesn’t have to take nearly as much effort or be anywhere close to how disgusting we may think it’ll be when we open that microwave door up to a horrific mess.

Cleaning hack #1: simply fill a microwave safe bowl with water, place it in the microwave, turn it on and let it heat up for 3 minutes. Once the timer goes off, simply take a paper towel or cloth and wipe the inside sparkling clean in a matter of just seconds!


#2) Dirty Keyboard Cleaning Hack

Something that’s not only found consistently throughout offices, but that’s common in almost every type of business these days, is our much depended on computer keyboards. From dust, dirt, lint, food crumbs, and everything else in between, without some good office cleaning tips to count on, these things can get super dirty, super fast!

Cleaning hack #2: to clean up your keyboard from all things little that are stuck between the keys and causing an unappealing, dirty keyboard to try and work from, just use a sticky note! Simply use the sticky end to stick between the keys and swipe along through them to quickly and easily grab all the small pieces of dirt and grime stuck down in there.


#3) Remove Permanent Marker from Whiteboard

Accidentally write with a Sharpie on the office whiteboard? Don’t panic! There’s a simple, quick fix to clean it right up.

Cleaning hack #3: to clean permanent marker off a whiteboard, simply grab the dry erase marker you meant to use the first time and write over the writing you made with the permanent marker with it. Then, just grab the dry eraser or a cloth and wipe. You’ll see the permanent marker disappear instantly before your eyes!


#4) Office Cleaning Tips for High up Ceilings and Hard to Reach Areas

Have dirty and dusty ceilings, air vents, or anything else up high you’re having trouble reaching?

Cleaning hack #4: grab a mop or broom (or really anything that’s long enough and can be useful without causing any type of damages) and wrap a towel around the end of it. We suggest using something to tie or secure it around the end of whatever you use to avoid it slipping off. Whoola! You now have a quick DIY cleaning tool to help you quickly and easily reach those hard to reach places!


#5) Get Greasy Fingerprints and Hand Prints Off the Walls

In this list of office cleaning tips, this one isn’t just for offices! This cleaning hack can be extremely useful for schools and preschools, daycares, or any business that tends to constantly have children around!

Cleaning hack #5: simply take some white chalk and rub over all greasy finger and hand prints on your walls with it. Then, just take a damp cloth and wipe them all way!


#6) How to Clean Dirty Scissors

Again, this is another commercial cleaning hack that could be useful to all types of businesses and not just an office.

Cleaning hack #6: to remove sticky residue and clean up a dirty pair of scissors, just dip a rag into some white vinegar and wipe down the blades. This works great on all types of metal office supplies as well, not just scissors, and even helps to prevent them from rusting too!


#7) Dust Off Those Office Electronics!

We all know how quickly our computer screens get dusty, time after time again.

Cleaning hack #7: filters aren’t just for coffee anymore! Keep some coffee filters in your desk drawer for a super effective, fast way to dust off all your electronics monitors without leaving any fibers behind.


#8) Quick Cleaning Hack to Clean Up Coffee Mug Stains

As much as we all love and depend on it to help get us through the day, there is always a time that comes when the coffee betrays us…

Cleaning hack #8: don’t panic, your desk and/or table tops aren’t ruined from the coffee mug stains! One of the best cleaning products to use for this that you definitely probably wouldn’t expect… mayonnaise! That’s right, just grab the tub of mayonnaise out of the fridge and simply wipe the stain right up without damaging your furniture.


That’s it for our list of office cleaning tips and hacks! We truly hope you try these out and that they’re able to help you keep everything in your office sparkling clean and ready to help you take on the day!

If your office or business needs help much more than what these hacks can do for maintaining cleanliness with the smaller things lying around, contact us! Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Company has been providing businesses of all types with top quality, professional commercial cleaning services since 1995, and we’d love to see what we can do to make your life easier. If you’d like more information and a free quote on choosing us as your commercial cleaning company for your business, simply contact us and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.


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